Workshop: Encountering your Inner Healer

Nurture Your Self Healing Potential

Develop and nurture your intuitive self healing potential.

The task of the healer is to pay attention to what has heart and meaning and to access the human resource of love. We express the Way of the Healer through attitudes and actions that maintain personal health and support the welfare of our environment.

The archetype of the healer is a universal mythic structure that all humans experience. Every culture has ways of maintaining health and well-being.

Healers in most traditions recognize that the power of love is the most potent healing force available. Effective healers from any culture are those who extend the arms of love gratitude, acceptance, recognition, validation and acknowledgment.

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Date: TBA

Venue: Mind your Karma Retreat & Self Development Centre

Kati Ludwig

Phone: 021 2544 294


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