Understanding Soils

Get your soils into a healthy, sustainable cycle !

Whether you are a beginner with soils or want a refresher, this three day comprehensive course offers the opportunity to understand this critical element of successful gardening, vibrant trees crops and healthy livestock.  Click here for the full story.

Soil is a critical element to understand if you want to grow nutritious food, successful plants, vibrant trees and healthy livestock.   If you also want to cut down on buying and hauling soil amendments, spending hours weeding, hoeing, and digging, this comprehensive course will make all the difference in helping you get your soils into a healthy, sustainable cycle.

Soil “beginners” are welcome as well as those of you who would like a refresher.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn about your specific soil by bringing along samples from your property.

Topics covered will include:

  • Why soil texture matters, and how to identify soil types easily.
  • Reading the soil profile.
  • Learning what weeds can tell you about the soil.
  • Monitoring the health of the soil.
  • And more…

Dates: Saturdays 5 May, 9 June and 7 July
Time: 9:30 – 2:30pm;
Venue: the Plenty Permaculture Education Cottage in Whakamarama
Cost:  $140 all together for the 3 sessions

You can register here.

Website: http://www.plentypermaculture.co.nz/
Text: 027 240 1305
Phone: 07 577 6530
Post: 375 Whakamarama Road, RD7, Tauranga, 3179