Tutors – Guidelines for registering your course..

Website Listing:

If you would like to have the info about your group on the www.letslearn.co.nz website, then please let me know the following according to what is relevant to your group. (See below for suggested info you could supply)If you have any queries, give me a call on 544 9557 or email info@letslearn.co.nz

Send the information to info@letslearn.co.nz

Group Advertising:

To anyone involved in Community Education in the Bay of Plenty who wishes to put  their term  Ads into the Sun.

The Advert Heading will have Community Education Bay of Plenty at the top
and the bottom of the ad will say:
Contact the Tutor directly to register

Suggested Info for Website Listing

Please supply as much of the following information as possible in your email.

Category: More than one category may be selected eg Recreation & Club (Look on website for the list of categories)

Location: More than one area can be selected if relevant.

Name of Group or Learning Activity: eg.  Tauranga Budgeting Services

Subtitle: eg.  Budgeting Advice

Catch Phrase: eg.  Need budgeting advice ?

Summary of what the group/course offers:

Name of Tutor or Contact Person:  

Day contact phone number: 

After Hours:


Email address:       

Website or webpage:         

Facebook page:


Please fill in

Mini Bio : (for tutors/group leaders if relevant)

Max 150 words describing qualifications/experience relevant to the courses taught, how long the person has been teaching, his/her passion, any awards received – and anything else which would be inspiring for the potential student.


Please fill in

Specific Details: If you wish to promote specific weekly or monthly meet ups/workshops/classes, please advise..


Name of Group/Class/Workshop/Meet Ups


Content: This  should  include, if appropriate : a Brief Description of the Course, what it will teach them(generally) , and what the student will be able to do once completed. Ie. Outcome including benefits.



Course Length




What they need to bring:

What will be provided:

Prerequisites if relevant: (if a student must do one course before the other)

Certificates Offered (if any)



Please Attach

Picture :  If possible, attach a profile picture with your email – either of the organiser/tutor or the group or something representative of your activity.

Database: In order to provide you with up to date information on happenings and events in the world of Lifelong Learning,  we would like to keep your contact details on the Community Education BOP data base. Do you agree to this ?  please state DB YES  or DB NO at the foot of your email.


Send the information to info@letslearn.co.nz

We look forward to promoting your activities on the www.letslearn.co.nz website but please give us a couple of days to get it all up there.