Free Triple P Positive Parenting Program – Aug-Dec 2019

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Dealing with Disobedience
Establishing Bedtime Routines
Managing Fighting & Aggression
Hassle Free Shopping with Preschoolers

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Triple P-Positive Parenting Program, 47 Fraser St, Tauranga
Program Clinical Leader: Ardell Unsworth
Phone:     07 5710144
Cell:    0273112140

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 Discussion Groups in the BAY                   

Venue Address Topic Date Time
Wesley Church 100 13th Ave-Tga Establishing Bedtime Routines 28th August 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Katikati Resource Centre 45 Beach Road, Katikati Dealing with Disobedience 10th September 9.30 – 11.30am
Wesley Church 100 13th Ave-Tga Dealing with Disobedience 17th September 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Katikati Resource Centre 45 Beach Road, Katikati Establishing Bedtime Routines 8th October 6.00pm – 8.00pm
Wesley Church 100 13th Ave-Tga Managing Fighting and Aggression 16th October. 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Katikati Resource Centre 45 Beach Road, Katikati Managing Fighting and Aggression 12th November 9.30 – 11.30am
Wesley Church 100 13th Ave-Tga Dealing with Disobedience 20th November 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Katikati Resource Centre 45 Beach Road, Katikati Hassle Free Shopping with Preschoolers 3rd December 6.oopm – 8.00pm
Wesley Church  100 13th Ave-Tga Hassle Free Shopping with Preschoolers 11th December 6.30pm – 8.30pm

WHAT IS TRIPLE P DISCUSSION GROUPS?     The discussion groups are designed to provide an overview of the positive parenting principles for any interested parent. Parents are actively involved throughout the 2-hour small group format discussions.

WHO IS IT FOR? Parents or caregivers with a specific concern about their child’s behaviour. They are most likely to benefit when their concerns are around a relatively discreet, mild to moderate behavioural issue and when parents can independently implement parenting plans that are generated during each session. They are also encouraged to apply new parenting skills to other problems that may arise.


Topic 1: Dealing with disobedience This discussion topic provides examples of common forms of disobedience and some reasons why children have difficulty learning to follow instructions. A number of positive parenting strategies are then introduced to help parents develop a personal plan to prevent disobedience, teach their child limits, and also to manage disobedience when necessary.

Topic 2: Managing fighting and aggression in this session, parents are encouraged to share their experiences of aggressive and destructive behaviour from their children and discuss some of the reasons children fight. This group covers the skills that children need to be able to cooperate and get along with others. Parents learn how to teach skills such as sharing, communicating, and being gentle. They also prepare plans to manage times when fighting and aggression do occur.

Topic 3: Developing good bedtime routines This discussion topic explores different problems parents commonly face at bedtime and some of the reasons why they happen. The skills children need to get into a good bedtime routine are discussed and parents are introduced to positive parenting strategies to help prevent problems.

Topic 4: Hassle-free shopping with children This discussion topic uses shopping trips as an example of one of the most common times parents have to deal with difficult behaviour in public. Positive parenting strategies are discussed as step-by-step suggestions for preventing problems and teaching children how to behave on shopping trips. Parents develop individualized plans to manage problem behaviour during their own shopping trips and are encouraged to transfer new parenting strategies to other potentially difficult community situations.

PLEASE RSVP confirmation of attendance to:-  (07) 571 0144  or  TXT  0273112140
Light refreshments supplied.