The Space Within – A Moving Meditation

At this time it can be easy to get swept up in the collective madness of festivities and consumerism. Give yourself an hour to reconnect with self, with breath, with movement.

Be guided gently into your body and learn to lose yourself to movement. A way to clear the mind and find space for more calm and clarity in your life.

Meditation is becoming evermore popular as people are discovering the space and stillness that it creates, the slowing down that we all know we need but can’t quite attain. Don’t we all crave that? But yes first we have to be able to sit still in one place and clear our minds, right? A common misconception. There are many ways to find that stillness and access the spaciousness within.

what to expect:

An immersive meditative movement experience where you will be verbally guided into your body via somatic movement, breath awareness, and creative imagery, to a deep journey soundtrack.

no set moves or choreography, no performance, no expectations, a simple curiosity and openness to move more freely.

Your guide:

Ali is an embodied flow teacher and mover whose passion is to help people find a sense of liberation through free movement and creativity in the moment.

Her belief is that movement and expression allows us to change and work with the energy in our bodies, move through moods, emotions and anxieties. It gives us space to drop out of the monkey mind and allows the body to do what it knows how to do…heal, express, enjoy, be in the ever evolving moment and move with the ever changing landscape with ease and understanding.

Date: Contact Ali re next sessions

Time: 6.30pm – 7.30pm

Place: Soma Studios, 586E Cameron Road, Tauranga

Cost: $15


Phone : Ali  021 2830 202