The Story Teller

Introduction to story telling with Ankit Parashar

Come and meet “The Storyteller” and find out what storytelling is all about.
Then do one of the upcoming workshops  !

A mysterious man often known as the storyteller comes to town to share secrets about hidden letters written by Albert Einstein in 1945. To tell a story unlike anything you have ever heard before, backed by facts and mind-blowing ideas that will leave you wanting  more.

A relaxed, enjoyable and entertaining evening. Come to one or more sessions.

Contact Ankrit for details of next sessions.

When: Wednesdays & Thursdays  through to 19th December

Time:  7.00pm – 8:00pm

Place:  The Incubator Lounge, Historic Village, 17th Ave, Tauranga

Cost: Koha or donation appreciated.

Artist Bio:  Ankit Parashar

A powerhouse of talent Ankit has over 10 years of experience as a writer, actor and a film maker. Ankit has written a book titled – “Numerical Enigma”.
Recently, he came to New Zealand and acted in a reality show on TV3 called – “Arranged”.

Phone: 027 4711 745.