Te Puke Bridge Club

Bridge Lessons Start in March

Holiday Bridge Continues through December & January
Fridays 1pm -4pm + Social Hour

Anne Barry says…

Bridge is the most incredibly stimulating game I have ever played and believe me, I have tried most things. I was a firefighter for 22 years and having four days off a week allowed me to have many interests – golf, biking, walking, riding, scuba diving and travelling. In fact it was on a cruise that I was first introduced to bridge. Although I was brought up on cards such as five hundred, canasta etc in my early days I had not really played much since marriage in 1972. Well I took to it like the proverbial ‘duck to water’ and couldn’t wait to get home and do some lessons. These consisted of ‘online lessons’ due to the fact that my husband and I had no fixed base. When we finally  settled in Papamoa Beach in December 2015,  I couldn’t wait to join a bridge club. Te Puke was the closest and had the reputation as being the friendliest club in the Bay so I went along and have never looked back.
Contrary to popular opinion it is not a game full of ‘old biddies’ , you don’t have to have extreme intelligence and you don’t have to remember cards( that comes naturally with time). I would say that I am absolutely hooked because it is a game in which you never stop learning and it gives me all the excitement I need.

Start Date: TBA
Time: 7 – 9 pm
Duration: 12 weeks.

Venue: 4 Queen Street, Te Puke
Cost:   $70.00 which includes the first years membership.

PLEASE NOTE: The Te Puke Club is also coordinating with Mt Maunganui and Tauranga Bridge Clubs so that if a lesson is missed you can go to either club to catch up.

Contact: Eric McEwan   Ph.   573 8523