Waste-Free Parenting Workshop

Humourous, informative and inspirational !

At the workshop you will learn about lots of exciting ways you can reduce waste at home, be introduced to modern waste minimising household products, find out how you can save money, and learn about what impact your choices will have on future generations.

Who would benefit from attending this workshop?
– Parents to be
– Parents with children in the home
– Grandparents
– Anyone interested in reducing waste in the home

The best news… You get a fantastic free pack to take home! (see the pack contents on your town booking page)

There are limited spaces at each workshop, so don’t miss out, grab your ticket today!

When:  Thursday 12th December  6.30pm -9 pm
Where: Papamoa Sports and Recreation Centre, Gordon Spratt Reserve, 80 Alice Way, Papamoa Beach
Cost: $25 for an individual or couple. Includes a $100 Goodie Bag
If you don’t want the goodie bag but would still be keen on the workshop, also let me know and we can arrange you to attend with no charge.

Booking pagehttp://katemeads.co.nz/workshops-tauranga.html