Easy Basket Weaving -Kete Ngāwari

Stone Sculpting for Beginners

Cafe Scientifique: Defeating the Wallabies

Chair Up Upholstery Workshop

Conservation Week 2019

Free Investing Workshop

Behind the Scenes – Terminus Exhibition

A guided tour of this otherworldly universe.

Tauranga Fringe Festival – Want to be part of it?


  • Fringe Village is the perfect place to take a risk, try something new, explore that new idea that has been brewing, take the artistic leap into the unknown and share your ideas with a hungry and fearless audience.

  • Visual artists, theatre, dance, fashion, music, comedy, digital art, storytelling, spoken word, musical theatre, burlesque, street art, street theatre, talks and workshops, activations, cosplay artist, steam-punker, frolicker, beat poet, buskers, dark cabaret, installation, disruptive artist, player of games, magician, poet, zine maker, writer, actor.

  • Take creative and artistic risks in a safe and supported environment.

  • Showcase of grass-roots arts, entertainment, the emerging and the established – all working to step outside of their comfort zone.

  • A one-day, open-access, arts adventure at the best little Village in the Bay of Plenty as with all good fringes. The Incubator are piggy-backing the Tauranga Arts Festival. (Like a tic)

  • Open Access – no constraints on the content or presentation of work apart from an all ages entry – common sense.

  • Fringe Village will be a non-ticketed, Koha door entry to Village and Koha contribution to performers.

  • In order to make the programme as accessible as possible, The Incubator wants to remove as many perceived barriers as possible.

  • Production and presentation costs are the responsibility of the practitioner – the Fringe organisation provides the infrastructure and marketing support.

  • A celebration of inclusivity, otherness and artistic adventure – Fringe Village is about handing the microphone to our artistic community, and creating a platform for our amazing arts sector to connect with new audiences.

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African Drumming

Life Drawing Classes

Tweak the words – double your income !

Glass half full for this artist

Jo Tricker demonstrates her glass making style

This article appeared in Sun Liveon March 15th 2019

It was a subtle change of language – a tweak of her words and the online audience she was targeting. It doubled Tauranga glassmaker Jo Tricker’s income in a year.

After swapping ideas with a business mentor, Jo’s glassmaking workshops at her Judea studio were re-labelled “experiences” in her internet promotions.

“Yes, people wanted an ‘experience’ rather than a workshop or a class, even though they may seem like exactly the same thing,” she says.

Jo claims it’s all about perceptions. “People perceive an experience to be fun – something they haven’t done before, something they might enjoy.

They can do glassmaking for fun and there’s no pressure on them to perform, to be good or talented or produce something wonderful at the end.”

This approach is in opposition to a class or workshop, where someone learns something and takes away skills for further use.

For the previous five years, Jo had been propping up her Jo Tricker Glass business with personal funds from a property sale eight years earlier. “I wasn’t even breaking even,” she says, “and I couldn’t dip into my own funds forever.”

She sought the help of Business Mentors New Zealand – the not-for-profit group dedicated to supporting the success and growth of small businesses through the knowledge and experience of volunteer mentors,

Jo feels she has finally turned a corner. “Last October I was still questioning myself. Now I feel like my business has the potential to be something.” She attributes that turnaround to a combination of new ideas, advice and support from business mentor Bryan Winters.

Jo is one of hundreds of New Zealanders who, after turning their passions and hobbies into a business, are faced with the realities of running that business successfully.

At present, there are more than 500,000 small-to-medium businesses, with 850 new start-ups every month. Unfortunately, 30 per cent are doomed to fail within two years. Isolation, or lack of support, is one of the main reasons.

Jo says she appreciated having Bryan’s unbiased support. ”Small business owners need to consult outside their circle of friends and family, so they can front up to what they are doing and the possibility that it might not work out.”

Like many SMEs, Jo Tricker Glass became a business when her “hobby” outgrew her garage.

“I started up my business because of my passion,” she says, “but I had no business experience whatsoever.

Having Bryan to reassure her that she could learn the required business skills was invaluable.

“You need to be open to other ideas, and also to the fact you might fail,” she says. So, when Bryan suggested marketing her classes as “experiences” rather than lessons or workshops, Jo took the opportunity.

Bryan says the process to get to where Jo is now sounds simple, but it took months to shift her thinking patterns. “We were firing shots in various directions, but eventually it became easier to sell the experience rather than the product,” he says.

Once Jo listed her workshops online as experiences, he says the bookings started almost immediately.

“I was as surprised as her, but it doesn’t matter – it worked.”

Half of Jo’s business is now dedicated to her glassmaking workshop experiences, while the other half is spent making her own creations for sale throughout New Zealand.

Now the mentored becomes the mentor. Jo has her own tips for start-ups. “Never underestimate how much money you will need to get you from zero to sustainability,” she says.

“Work out how much you think you will need for a year – then triple it. Most businesses I talk to seem to turn a corner in the fifth or sixth year.

“Be prepared for a long and sometimes lonely journey – not everyone will believe in what you are doing. You need oodles of resilience, a great work ethic and buckets of self-belief.

“Do what you love and love what you do – never lose sight.”

Bobbin’ Along Sewing Basics

Watercolour Level II with Nick Eggleston

Drawing Level II with Nick Eggleston

Ecstatic Dance

Gentle Flow Yoga

Inachord Chorus

Beginner Create a Blog Workshops

Body + Soul Fitness

Metal Embossing

Make an Upholstered Footstool from a Crate Workshop

Cafe Scientifique Dates for 2019

Releasing the Inner Artist

Colourful Collage with Emma Prill

Sizzling Encaustic Hot Wax Painting Workshop

Inklings Art – Learn to Draw Robots

Speak Kiwi English

Making Your Money Go Further

Free Introduction to Business Seminar

Investor Education Workshop

Travel Writing Workshop

Embossed Copper Filigree (Cut-Out) Artwork Workshop

 Take home your completed, handcrafted copper canvas

Making a Metal Embossed Notebook Cover

Completed Handicrafted Notebook to Take Home

Workready Skills – Free Course

Boost Your Employment Potential

Free Cloth Nappy Workshop

Getting started !

Tauranga Literacy Council

Learn to Draw Animals

New Classes with Inklings Art !

Mindful Spanish Classes

Communication beyond language.

August – Sept 2019 Training @ the Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Events
Click on the event title for more information and to register

Artery Print Club

Calling all print artists

Free Computing Courses


Prenatal Yoga with Nic in Bethlehem

For women at least 14 weeks pregnant

Gut Health Workshop to Improve Your Wellbeing

The journey to improved wellbeing starts with good gut health

Learn to Draw the Face

Enter a Beginner – Exit a Winner

Ikebana Tauranga Group

New members welcome

Make & Create Upholstery for Beginners

Mollies Make and Create Workshop

Uncensored Clay

Hand build a ceramic piece

Tauranga Film Society

For film buffs wanting a break from the mainstream

Loneliness – the Hot Topic -and how we can help …..

Community Education – Is one of the benefits of ‘community education classes’ helping overcome loneliness and isolation?

One of the discussion points Let’s Learn’s Committee members had with MP Jan Tinetti recently, dwelt on the undervalued benefit of night classes and day courses in helping people meet others in their community, and overcoming loneliness and isolation. The courses aren’t just for you to learn a skill or hobby, but they meet a deep and meaningful need for social interaction and connection.

Loneliness appears to be a hot topic – and people getting involved in some form of Community Education could be one solution. While social media works for some, there are others who need real contact, verbal communication and interaction and to feel part of a group. Courses and classes give people the opportunity to gather with a common focus, and while undertaking that journey, they get their social needs met too.

While some people dismiss the idea and value of such courses, they are unknowingly disregarding the powerful side effects that social interaction in a safe and nurturing place can offer.

So next time you hear someone say they are lonely, or feel isolated, maybe you could suggest a local community education course, club or hobby group.. and emphasise the social interaction and contribution they could enjoy by attending.

Looking for something to be a part of? go to

Sustainable Living Workshops

For a healthy you and a healthy environment

Oil Painting Workshop with NEMESH

Find your own unique style.

Free Financial Capability Workshops

with the Tauranga Budget Advisory Service

Italian Cooking Classes

Bringing the flavours and atmosphere of Italy to your home

Young at Art Studio Classes

Mandarin for Business and Travel

Experience Chinese Culture & Language

Starting a Social Enterprise

Taking the first steps

SheEO Information Evening

A Platform for Women

Stage Right Theatre Trust

Tauranga Theatre Company

Qigong Classes

Come alive, feel refreshed, de-clutter mentally

Butlers Circus Warehouse

The circus you don’t have to run away to join

West Coast Swing Dancing

First class is free

CareerFit – Free Course

Prepare for an Active Career

Stress Management, Burnout Prevention & Mindulness Workshop

Learn effective strategies…

Boat Safety Workshops

for Safer Boating Week and beyond


Chair Up Upholstery

Want to learn upholstery? Recover that stool? Kick-start your new hobby? It’s easier than you think.

Come and enjoy the awesome atmosphere of the Historic Village while you learn a new skill.

Bring a small upholstery project e.g. a dining chair (seat only), footstool, basic ottoman, bar stool or piano stool.
(Don’t have a project? Ask a friend, check out the op-shops, Trade Me or Facebook Marketplace.) Keep it simple!

Come and enjoy the awesome atmosphere of the Historic Village while you learn a new skill.


Send 3 different angled photos of your project to (for a suitability check)

Easy Basket Weaving -Kete Ngāwari

Learn how to make a simple easy basket in one day.
A special technique has been developed by the tutor to make this process quicker.
Design your own basket to use when grocery shopping.
Save the planet and make your own stylish kiwi tote bag.
Tutor: Marina Stokes – He Mahi Harakeke Ltd

All Materials Supplied


Marina is an experienced weaver and a wonderful tutor. Very supportive and she will ensure you go home with something you can be proud of and that will be of use every day.

Deaf Culture & NZSL Workshop

Learn about Deaf Culture and New Zealand Sign Language in this 2-hour workshop in Tauranga. Great for professional development!

Learn about Deaf Culture and New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) in this informative 2-hour workshop presented by a Deaf presenter in NZSL, with a NZSL interpreter. A great introduction to the Deaf community and NZSL as a language. Essential professional development for teachers, front-line staff, those working in healthcare- anyone!
Practical information presented with electronic handouts included.

Tutor:Sue Lessing

Cost: $40 per person includes supper and handouts.

Please note that registering online confirms your place on this workshop. Please read our cancellation policy (at the top of the booking page) before you register. Payment required before the workshop date.

Register Now

Stone Sculpting for Beginners

Learn the basics of how to use tools needed to craft shapes from stone over one full weekend.

Tutor: Rex O’Brien
Create and design a 3D sculpture. Very small class with a max of 5 students.
Learn how to use tools to shape stone with award winning and experienced tutor and artist Rex O’Brien. Rex holds a Diploma in Art BOP Polytechnic, has been carving for over 18 years and been instrumental in organising and participating in carving symposiums nationwide.

Cafe Scientifique MacDiarmid Institute Lecture: NZ Innovation for Sustainability

The lecture series showcases different aspects of NZ Innovation for Sustainability at centres throughout NZ.

Our presenters, Drs Laura Domigan and Ben Mallett, will discuss Materials science offering a greener future for our plant.

Our zero carbon future:

– Solar energy materials – Energy efficient computing

– New battery technologies – Recyclable consumer electronics

– Carbon capture – Up-cycling natural materials

It is important to register your attendance on-line  so we get the right number of seats and cups. No need to print your ticket – we just need to know numbers.

– $5 door fee subsidises the cost of the venue and nibbles.

Register Here

The MACDIARMID INSTITUTE is a New Zealand Centre of Research Excellence, with a focus on Nanotechnology and Materials Science.

The Power of Propaganda: North Korea, Russia & Trump

Propaganda is commonly associated with dictatorships, such as North Korea or Putin’s Russia. However, as Western liberal democracies are facing new and unprecedented threats – including the rise of right-wing populists and foreign meddling in electoral processes – the term has experienced a dramatic inflation in recent years.

In this lecture, Dr Olli Hellmann will address fundamental questions about propaganda:
How does it work?
Why should we care?
How can propaganda be distinguished from other threats to democracy, such as “fake news” and online misinformation?

This is a free event but registrations are essential.
For more info:

Please register your attendance by clicking on the ‘register’ button, and present your ticket at the door.


Fuschia Club

Fuchsias look like dancing ballerinas, especially after the rain.  There are over 2000 varieties in a range of colours from the pinks and reds to the orange and white. They are not hard to grow.  They need to be fed and protected from nasty bugs and things, like most plants, but they are very easy to grow from cuttings.  In fact, they can become quite addictive.

All are welcome to the Tauranga Fuchsia Group’s monthly meeting.
At each meeting there is a mini workshop on some aspect of  fuchsias or fuchsia growing.

For more info contact Pat  579 1655.

Let’s Learn at the “New to The Bay” Expo

Let’s Learn will have a stand at the upcoming “New to the Bay” Expo – to inform newcomers to our beautiful region about Life Long Learning for Adults in the Bay.

Time: 10.00am – 3.00pm

Venue :  Tauranga Boy’s College, Cameron Rd, Tauranga

Lots of other interesting stalls and activities in the expo hall and activities outside in the school fields. Family fun!

There will be a $50 voucher for a lucky winner, towards the cost of a course they wish to attend.  Be in to win!

Festival of Adult Learning Awards Night

Let’s Learn will host the Festival of Adult Learning Awards night tonight.

Nominated people and the nominators and supporters will be attending the event, by invitation, and it will be held at the

University of Waikato’s new campus in Durham Street.

The Mayor of Tauranga Greg Brownless will preside, and MP Jan Tinetti will be attending as a guest speaker.

We will be honouring Exceptional Adult Educators, Outstanding Adult Learners, Innovative Providers, and Life Long Learners.

Winners of each category and runners up will receive a Cash Prize, flowers and a Certificate.  All nominees will receive a Commendation Certificate honouring their efforts.

This is the 21st Annual Adult Learner Awards, a part of the month long celebration of the Festival of Adult Learning co-ordinated by Let’s Learn, Community Education, Bay of Plenty.


Chinese Language & Culture Evening

In celebration of Chinese Language Week, come along to Chinese culture night where you can learn about Chinese culture and the language, have a go at writing Chinese Calligraphy and indulge your senses in the art of Chinese tea making.
Presentation  10min
Learn basic phrases  20min
Q&A  5-10min
Activities: Chinese Tea making & Calligraphy  30-40min

Places are limited so please register with Eventbrite

Contact Tina for info.


Urban Te Papa – The Evolution Opportunity of Tauranga CBD – Festival of Architecture

Great cities have vibrant city centres – how can we create a vibrant, safe and successful city for people to live, work, play and learn?

New Zealand’s urban centres are facing unprecedented pressure from strong population growth, changing preferences, and aging population. Tauranga is a prime example of this, having grown from a small costal town into New Zealand’s 5th largest city in the last half century. Despite its growth, Tauranga is one of New Zealand’s smallest local authorities in terms of land area which reinforces the need to use the land and resources available to us carefully.

Great cities have vibrant city centres – how can we create a vibrant, safe and successful city for people to live, work, play and learn? And how can we recognise the importance of environmental, cultural and heritage values in urban development?

Join the NZ Institute of Architects and our partners as we explore urban growth strategies and placemaking in our Urban Te Papa with an urban designer, architect, Tauranga City Council, iwi and economic development specialist.

Registrations Essential

Register here now



Movie Night : Urbanized – Festival of Architecture

Join us for a free screening of Urbanized, an award-winning documentary about the design of cities. Tauranga, just like many other cities around the world, is experiencing a booming growth. See what the world’s foremost architects, thinkers, planners and politicians have to say about the issues and strategies around housing, mobility, public spaces, economy and environmental policy. A city is not made by one specialist, but by a variety of contributors including ordinary citizens.

Come enjoy some popcorn and see how other cities around the globe are dealing with their growth though a diverse range of urban design projects.

Registration is optional for this free event.


Book now

2×2 City Revitalisation – Festival of Architecture

How can we revitalise our urban areas?

2×2 City Revitalisation is a joint partnership between NZIA & NZILA and explores the ideas of revitalising our urban places through a range of 2×2 presentations (2 slides/ 2 minutes per slide).

Expect great speakers presenting their built, unbuilt and potential future ideas for Tauranga city centre.
Please register for this event, spaces are limited.

The event will be accompanied with drinks & nibbles.

Cafe Scientifique

Did you know that we have a plague of new pests spreading across New Zealand?
Cafe Scientifique’s September guest speaker will be Rebecca Stimemann from Forest & Bird
Topic: Defeating the Wallabies

Cafe Scientifique Presentations are held:

Day and Time:  Mondays from 7pm-9pm
Doors open 6.30pm.
Venue: Tauranga Yacht & Powerboat Club, 90 Keith Allen Drive, Tauranga
Cost: There is a $5 entry fee, which includes light refreshments.

For more information:

Cultural Tour: Waikato University Tauranga Campus – Festival of Architecture

Come and find out about the new Tauranga campus building, part of the University of Waikato

The evening will begin at 5.30pm in the central atrium with a karakia, followed by an introduction of the cultural narrative for the new campus building. There will be a tour of the key cultural design elements and general campus as a whole and will be led by the architects of the campus, as well as key university staff.

The tour of the campus will reveal the story behind the building. Through the forming of a tertiary partnership, strategic relationships being established with tangata whenua, broader community groups, the design of the campus buildings celebrates all these connections. Forming a partnership with tangata whenua has influenced the articulation of the external skin of the building with the mangopare – hammerhead shark – pattern telling the local story of resilience, locating a multipurpose internal noho and teaching space, providing the ability to welcome and host guests, to an external courtyard providing a large space for external powhiri ceremonies and social gathering spaces.

Following the tour, there will be drinks and kai in the atrium and an opportunity for any further questions and broader discussion.

The evening will formally be closed with a karakia at 7.30pm.

Registration is required for this free event

Register here now

Investing Workshop

Our Free Investing Workshops are designed to help those people interested in learning the fundamentals of investing. We aim to help you be more confident in setting goals, talking to your investment adviser and developing an investment portfolio.

The workshop will cover:

  • The fundamentals of investing – why, how and where to invest
  • Key investment principles – what you need to consider when you invest, and
  • How to build your own personal investment portfolio
  • An overview of KiwiSaver

Hosts: Rohan Graaff & Andrew Klaassen

Register now >

Creative Fibre: Felting & Knitting Techniques

Tauranga Creative Fibre invites the public to come along to view or take part in the following activities during the month of September. There is no need to register but come along for a cuppa at 9.30am before the official meeting starts.

Felting, both wet & needle felting:       10.30am -12 noon
Knitting techniques -Turkish cast on: 12.30pm -1.30pm

Contact Person: Margaret Russell  Phone: 021 081 70 350