Loneliness – the Hot Topic -and how we can help …..

Community Education – Is one of the benefits of ‘community education classes’ helping overcome loneliness and isolation?

One of the discussion points Let’s Learn’s Committee members had with MP Jan Tinetti recently, dwelt on the undervalued benefit of night classes and day courses in helping people meet others in their community, and overcoming loneliness and isolation. The courses aren’t just for you to learn a skill or hobby, but they meet a deep and meaningful need for social interaction and connection.

Loneliness appears to be a hot topic – and people getting involved in some form of Community Education could be one solution. While social media works for some, there are others who need real contact, verbal communication and interaction and to feel part of a group. Courses and classes give people the opportunity to gather with a common focus, and while undertaking that journey, they get their social needs met too.

While some people dismiss the idea and value of such courses, they are unknowingly disregarding the powerful side effects that social interaction in a safe and nurturing place can offer.

So next time you hear someone say they are lonely, or feel isolated, maybe you could suggest a local community education course, club or hobby group.. and emphasise the social interaction and contribution they could enjoy by attending.

Looking for something to be a part of? go to

Sustainable Living Workshops

For a healthy you and a healthy environment

Free Financial Capability Workshops

with the Tauranga Budget Advisory Service

Back to Basics Herbal Medicine

Hands on Practical Course

Let’s learn – the vision

ESOL English

Te Reo Maori

Classes in Katikati

NZ Sign Language

Carolie’s Culinaire

Cheese Making and Cookery Classes

Katikati Coffin Club

Makers of fine, affordable, underground furniture

Kite Making

Taoist Tai Chi Society – Bay of Plenty

We teach Taoist Tai Chi™ arts: a moving meditation – build your strength, flexibility and stillness.

Baywide Community Law Service

Free legal help

A Much Under-Rated Business Skill

Words of wisdom from Stan Gregec, CEO of the Tauranga Chamber of Commerce

Katikati Genealogy Group

Katikati Community Centre

Sewing Connexion

Sew, share ideas, improve techniques in a fun environment


Soap Making, Creams and Ointments

Create your own soaps, face or body creams and simple herbal ointments with a medical herbalist.
Not only will you take home beautiful products to use for yourself or as gifts.  You will have the knowledge to make many more wonderful products at home.
These classes have inspired people to create businesses from what they have learnt.

Date: Sunday 15th March 2020
Time: 10am – 3pm
Place: Katikati Community Centre
Cost: $85

Contact: Jenny Ager-Pratt(tutor) for further information
Phone: 552 0697

Book at the Katikati Community Centre, 45 Beach Road, Katikati
Phone: 07 549 0399

Back to Basics Herbal Medicine

Learn to identify and use herbs for your health.  Discover how to create simple herbal remedies.
Hands on  practical course by a skilled practitioner.

Tutor: Jenny Ager-Pratt

Date: Saturday October 19th 2019
10.00am- 3pm
Place: Katikati Community Centre
Cost: $55

Contact: Jenny for more details
Phone: 552 0697

Book at the Katikati Community Centre, 45 Beach  Road, Katikati. Phone: 07 549 0399

Scottish Country Dancing Katikati

Katikati Scottish Country Dance Club
General dancing and beginner classes.

This is the first gathering for 2020.

Katikati Theatre Group

Katikati Theatre Group at the Junction – Live Theatre

No experience required-we would love to ‘show you the ropes!’

Katikati Theatre’s members work together to present live theatre in Katikati.

Our members enjoy acting, directing, or writing but there are those who prefer to work behind the scenes assisting with lighting, set design, costume, stage management or Front of House.

The Katikati Theatre Group’s monthly Club Nights are free and open to all regardless of membership status.

When: Second Friday of every month
Time: 7pm -9pm
Place: Junction Theatre at the Arts Junction

Club nights start up again on February 14th 2020

Beginners French in Katikati

From zero to survival for travellers – Tutor: Shelley Dean

Term 1: Mon 3 Feb–6 Apr, 3.45-5.45pm—10 wks, $120

This 10 week course will arm you with the basics for surviving in a French speaking country – greetings, shopping, eating out, meeting people etc. – in a fun, friendly interactive way.


Contact Shelley 07 544 9557

Beginner French classes are also offered in Tauranga, Te Puna and the Mount/Papamoa.