Drawing For Pleasure: Tauranga Society of Artists

This year’s drawing sessions will be based on a monthly theme. The February subject will be “perspective” linear and aerial. Don Hewitt will be available to assist and share his experience and knowledge. At the initial February class there will be a doll’s house for people to draw OR you can bring along a photo or project to draw that you could also carry over to continue drawing at the 2nd February class.
Should you be new to the drawing class you will be very welcome, with a number of ‘old hands’ happy and willing to share their skills.
MICHELANGELO quote: “Let whoever may have attained the power of drawing know that they hold a treasure.”

Second and Fourth Monday Mornings of each month

Morning 9.30 – 12.00
Drawing for pleasure with Audrey Naismith
Afternoon 12.00 – 4.00
A continuation of the morning sessions, as above, but with no tutor. The rooms are open and all members are welcome to bring their drawing work, in any medium.

Contact:   Convenor – Audrey Naismith, 544 3068