Qigong Classes

Come alive, feel refreshed, de-clutter mentally !

Qigong is an ancient chinese health care system which involves movement, breathing and meditation to generate energy and health.  Qigong has elements of yoga and tai chi and awakening the chi and zen.

A Qigong session is like having a pick-me-up during the day. The lines of energy of the body come alive and you feel refreshed and de-cluttered mentally. Sessions are tailored to the audience – a session can be gentle, medium or intense.

Tutor: Michael Goodhue

Option 1:
Day & Time: Monday afternoons 1pm
Venue: Whisp Alternative Health Club, Shop 24, Picadilly Arcade, Devonport Road, Tauranga
Phone 020 449 4477 to book.

Option 2:
Day & Time:
Saturdays 9.30am
Health Quarters, 67 Willow Street, Tauranga
021 735 798 for more info.