Plenty Permaculture

Year Long Course

Participants who complete 12 modules and a permaculture design project will receive a Permaculture Design Certificate, the internationally recognised foundational training in permaculture.

For more information about our 2019 Permaculture Design Certificate course check out our website and download the course overview.

The module topics and dates of the 2019-20 Certificate Course are:
1 Foundations of Permaculture 4 May
2 Permaculture Design Process 15 June
3 Reading the Landscapes and Water Design 13 July
4 Designing for Climate 3 August
5 Living Soils 7 September
6 Building Ecology 12 October
7 Renewable Energy and Resiliency 2 Novmeber
8 Designing with Trees 7 December
Dec-Jan Time to work on your project, possibly visit each other’s project properties, and get assistance with you project as needed.
9 Urban & Social Permaculture 18 January
10 Garden Design and Permaculture Plants 15 February
11 Animal and Insect Systems 14 March
12 Presentations and Celebration 4 April

This course focuses on the Bay of Plenty bio-region and explores a wide range of subjects relevant to resilient design and living. We pride ourselves on providing stimulating educational experiences that people can integrate into their daily lives, one step at a time, as well as a new way of seeing and interacting in the world.

Cost: Year-long program varies from $1300-$1500, depending on payment method.
Casual fee of $130 per module if there is room.

We intend that Tauranga permaculture education is not only available but affordable, thus we offer four internships and one “keen young person” scholarship annually.  If cost is a barrier to you or someone you know, please read more here.

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