Plant Propagation Through the Year

A “hands in the dirt” course

Learning how to create more of the plants you care about is a critical skill for resiliency.  Some plants and trees can just be grown by planting their seeds, but others are better duplicated via cuttings, grafting or dividing.

This is a “hands in the dirt” course, with a theory session followed by putting it into practice.  There will be a lot of plant material after each class to share, take home and start growing.

We find this course is best delivered over four sessions, one in each of the seasons.

We’ll start in winter, on 18 June, with the “hardwood” cuttings: grape, plum, fig, hydrangea, blueberry, currant and the like.

In Spring, on the 17th of September, we’ll look at seed raising: seed saving, seed raising mix, germination, appropriate containers, etc.

When we get closer to summer, 12 November, that’s the best time to collect and root “soft” cuttings (sage, salvias, scented geraniums) and some “semi-hardwood” cuttings (lavender, rosemary, Chilean guava).

The course will end with the autumn class,  on 31 March 2020, dividing of plants like rhubarb, comfrey, mint, thyme and berry canes, with more “semi-hardwood cuttings” so you can get to see the difference between the spring and autumn growing seasons.

Tree propagation will also be covered.  You’ll learn about grafting theory and get practical experience using a grafting tool;  “rootstock” production of apple and quince; how to grow rootstocks by mound layering; and how peaches and plums can be grown from seeds.

Kazel Cass will be leading all the sessions and is one of our most popular tutors.

Tuesday Dates:
one for each Season

18th June 2019
17th September 2019
12th November 2019
31st March  2020

The tuition is a very reasonable $85 per workshop.

You’ll receive an email ahead of each session with what to bring.  It’ll be things like:  flower snips, secateurs, pots, grafting tool if you have one, and branches of the plant you wish to propagate.

All sessions will be held at the Plenty Permaculture Education Cottage, 375 Whakamarama Rd, Tauranga, from 9:30-2:30.


Text: 027 240 1305
Post: 375 Whakamarama Road, RD7, Tauranga, 3179