Korean Cooking Classes for Autumn

Follow the Seasons

Small Group Korean Cooking Classes with Jocelyn Park  every other Saturday all year round except for the Christmas  weeks.

Each session will have one main dish and one seasonal vegetable side dish. Cooking and lunch during the class, then you take home half to share with your family.

The menu:

April 27th:  Bulgogi(beef),   Hobak jeon (pumpkin fritter)

May 11th: Gulbap ( Oyster & turnip rice),  Chilli  & wild sesame leaves  jeon( fritter)

May 25th:  Bibimbap (Beef & assorted vege  rice),   Taro soup

June 8th:   Chicken & mushroom bap (rice), Garlic chive salad

June 22nd:  Yukgaejang (Spicy beef stew), Raddish kimchi salad

6th July:  Steamed Prok, Kimchi salad

In the Korean year, the four main seasons are divided into sub-seasons. Jocelyn’s classes will be making dishes to suit the seasonal “subdivisions”, starting on April 27th 2019 with Autumn.
Classes will begin with the Autumn Season  (Seasons 13-18 in the 24 season Korean calendar).

  •  Ipchu (Gateway to Autumn)
  • Cheseo  (Goodbye Heatwave)
  • Baekro    (Hello Morning Dew)
  • Chubun  (Autumnal Equinox)
  • Hanro  (Cold  Dew)
  • Sangang  (Frost  Descent)

Extra Bonus:
Cooking  & Language !
There will be one Korean language point per session.

Dates: Every second Saturday starting April 27th 2019

Time: 10.30am to after lunch

Venue: Jocelyn will advise.

Cost: 25 dollars per session.

Bring: Your own take-away container.

Limited numbers.

Book to reserve your place.

Contact: Jocelyn Park
Phone: (027-647-2401)
Email: jocelynpark0121@gmail.com