Kokedama; the un-killable plant 

Part of the Garden and Art Festival Series

Kokedama noun – Japanese art of a hanging moss string garden.  They are super duper low maintenance – perfect for those (like me) who struggle to keep plants alive!

You will take home the most delicate rustic styled bouquet and will be an expert on how to care for them too. The materials will be sourced locally, especially our luscious plants used in the kokedama’s.  This workshop is very simple and is suited for any type of human, alien, animal or professional kokedama creator. This would be an ideal workshop for date night or a bunch of mates to enjoy the laughter of each other.

Tutor: Ballie Melbon:  Ballie Melbon of Syd Workshops has facilitated numerous sold out successful  workshops at various locations all around the Bay of Plenty. The fee for each workshop covers all the materials and equipment used to create the final product, of which you get to take home. Let’s break away from technology for a moment, look a stranger in the eyes instead of getting to know their profile photo and weave friendships .  At a Syd workshop we can laugh together, its a blind date to lifelong friendships, a time for us to learn skills you wish your nana passed ma,  florist, stylist and creative director of The Hawkers Wall,  has over thirty years worth of experience in horticulture and floristry and has seen many fashions and trends come and go.  She has worked on weddings, interior styling, magazine shoots, event styling and has even made flowers for members of the Royal Family.

When:  Saturday  17th November 2018  10am to 12pm

Where: The Artery, Historic Village, 17th Ave West, Tauranga.

Cost: $45

More information and booking:
The Artery – Art Learning Space

Event Date:   17th November 2018

Event link:  https://www.facebook.com/events/299334477532057/