Introduction to Living Design Process

2 day workshop

This two-day workshop will accessibly introduce Living Design Process as a compelling holistic design approach applicable to the design and creation of anything whether personally or professionally. We will explore living design equally as a theory and as a practical reality at Oakdene Forest Farm which is just outside Whakatane in New Zealand.

Living Design Process starts with the question of what it means to design and create human environments using a process that mimics the process nature uses to create natural systems. This question leads to a design approach very different to contemporary understandings of what design actually is.

At its core, Living Design Process is a way of working with whole systems to enhance their life and beauty through a process of continuous unfolding. When applied to landscape design, this results in systems that are not only lush and abundant, but that are deeply beautiful and harmonious to the degree that you find it hard to leave.

While embracing the best that both permaculture design and holistic management have to offer, Living Design Process find its primary inspiration in the paradigm-transforming work of radical architect Christopher Alexander (particularly his four-volume masterwork The Nature of Order).

In the below video Dan explains a bit more about the workshop:

During this two day workshop, Dan will present an accessible introduction to the theory of living design process, with chances for you to start practicing under his mentorship. Our objective is that you will feel the process in your body as much if not more than you will understand it with your mind.

Our intention is also that you will leave these two days with a permanently modified understanding of what design can be.

Who this Workshop is For

Anyone can do this workshop. It presupposes zero prior knowledge of permaculture. Anyone interested in designing for life, beauty and wholeness is welcome. Whether you are a landscape designer, a life coach, an architect, a cake-maker, a musician, an artist, or just someone wanting to transform your own back yard, then there is something in Living Design Process relevant to you.

That said, for people that are familiar with permaculture, this workshop is:

  • an excellent next step after a permaculture design course
  • a prime professional development opportunity for practicing permaculture designers
  • a great experience to have before doing a PDC
  • a great place to start for anyone interested to learn more about permaculture

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Ticket Type Price Spaces
$150 tier $150.00
$200 tier $200.00
$250 tier $250.00
$300 tier $300.00

Date/Time : Saturday, January 25, 2020 – Sunday, January 26, 2020.  We recommend arriving and setting up camp on the Friday evening where it will be a shared meal you bring something to contribute to if you can. We’ll then run from 9am-9pm on the Saturday and 9am-4pm on the Sunday.
Venue:  Oakdene Forest Farm outside Whakatane and make a visit Pete and Lou’s beautiful farmlet across the road.
Accommodation:  BYO Camping – there are plenty of camp sites for tents, campervans etc. There are also some cabins and whatnot available. First in first served!

Cost: Workshop cost is a sliding scale from $150 – $300 where you choose based on your situation. Book below and we’ll email you all the info you need to pay and get there etc etc.
Catering: This event is fully catered. You are in for a treat and we’ll cater to your dietary requirements so long as they are not too weird.

Facilitator: Dan Palmer

Dan Palmer has spent the last 20 years continuously questioning and refining a systems approach to understanding, living and designing a more beautiful world. You can hear about his story here.

As a permaculture designer, implementer, and educator, during the last ten years he co-founded permablitz, co-founded Very Edible Gardens (which he still co-directs), and founded Making Permaculture Stronger. Over the last six months he has been using this last project to catalyse a global conversation around constructively reimagining the foundations of permaculture design (as a globally practiced and fast growing discipline). This work has been supportively acknowledged by permaculture thought-leaders including David Holmgren, Rosemary Morrow, Dave JackeToby HemenwayDarren J. DohertyRob Hopkins and many others. It has also led to an ongoing collaboration with permaculture co-originator David Holmgren running four-day intensive courses on advanced permaculture planning and design process.

For his journey has recently brought him and a collaborating cluster of close colleagues to a compelling and continually evolving approach to the design and creation of almost anything. The running title for this approach is Living Design Process.