Indian Semi-Classical Music Workshops

Mrs Kutu Mukherjee is a multi talented personality. She is not only a professional musician in her own right, she is also a dedicated and driven social worker. Kutu holds a Bachelor Degree of Music from the University of Calcutta, in India.
Kutu studied Rabindra Sangeet (a very special genre of Indian semi-classical poetry and music) – the music, the poetry and the culture – from a very young age. She imbibed its innate flavour unconsciously, as a child brought up in a home alive with active exposure to Rabindra Sangeet.
In time, she went on to explore her love of the culture and the genre by studying with the Masters of the art – in the university (Bengal Music College, Calcutta University) as her major subject and privately in more traditional pedagogy.
Her natural talents and acquired abilities in the area, coupled with her enthusiasm for the subject has made her a performer whose concerts delight all manner of listeners – whether the experienced and knowledgeable Bengali listener or a listener from another culture, including non‐Indian cultures. Kutu has performed at many places in India, Iran, UK and Dubai.
In New Zealand, Kutu has performed, conducted and co‐ordinated musical events based on her specialization every year since her arrival in New Zealand for the NZ Bengali community organization. Kutu has been invited to perform in numerous occasions at various Ethnic Community Festivals.

In 2010, Kutu had staged her first multicultural show East Meets West, a fusion of Indian music, dance forms and classical western ballet, which she directed, choreographed and produced. This was staged in Tauranga, Hamilton and Auckland. More recently in 2019 Kutu produced, ‘Rhythm & Raga’ a hugely popular event showcasing Indian Melodies at  The Jam Factory in Tauranga.

Date: Saturday August 15th
Time: 10am-11am
Cost: $10
Venue: The Jam Factory, Historic Village, 17th Ave, Tauranga
Tutor: Mrs Kutu Mukherjee
Kutu delivers a fun and inspiring workshop with warmth and authentic Indian culture. These workshops are accessible, authentic, high quality sessions in Indian semi-classical vocal music and its history.
This includes basic voice training for different types of Indian songs, and how to play the Harmonium.
Beginners welcome; move at your own pace.
Kutu’s students are of both Indian and non‐Indian origin. One of her targets is to extend the school to reach out to the greater Indian Community and also the mainstream NZ community.