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Naturally Fermented drinks that are genuinely

For thousands of years, pretty much all cultures have made fermented drinks for either pleasure or to protect their health.

Most people know that fermented foods such as Sauerkraut, Sour dough breads and Yoghurts are good ‘healthy’ foods to eat, but less well  known is that there are many other naturally fermented drinks are really good for you too.

But we’re not talking about about beer and wine here. No, no, no. Any alleged health benefits from those common drinks are dubious at best, the possible exception being some red wines.

So we at Healthy Brews are endeavouring to bring to the fore the fermented drinks that ARE good for your health so that you can truly have a ‘drink to good health’.

The drinks we promote are: kombucha, water kefir/tibicos, tepache and ginger beer

All  are easy to make yourself, better for your health than store bought drinks and have no alcohol or virtually none (1.5% max and only if brewed too long).

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