Film Workshop

Drama Cinematography Workshop

This an awesome workshop that will be of interest to Directors, DOP’s, Editors and Shooters of all levels.

Donny will be covering the following Breaking down a script – Director/DP relationships

Creative input – doing something different from the easy, familiar path

Professionalism 101 – the need for reliability, integrity and passion.

Cameras: DSLR – mirrorless v mirror, mid-level digital cameras Canon C300, Sony F7, high end digital cameras Red, Alexa, Sony F5 etc

Lines of Action (and when not to cross them)

Eyelines – and the effect on the audience – high, low, close, wide?

Moving the camera – how, when, why? Show visual examples

Handheld camera versus tripod or dolly?

Lenses – zoom versus prime, effect of various focal lengths on foreground and background (practical exercise with subject) anamorphic versus spherical.

Visual Effects – Green screen technique, lock-offs, plates and elements, keeping notes

Crew structure in the industry model.
DP, Operator, 1st AC, 2nd AC, Vid Split, Data Wrangler,
Basic Working protocols, paperwork for the editor.
Focus – autofocus versus manual focus techniques
Data Wrangling Basics – protecting the investment

Overview of lighting units – LED’s, tungsten, HMI etc.
Fresnel lenses or openface? Direct or bounce or diffused?
Basic 3 point lighting set-up (Key, fill, backlight) – Modelling light on the human face
Low key versus high key lighting – night lighting, mood lighting
Use of practicals as principle sources

Cheating: Locations/backgrounds, light sources, angles, eye-lines (looking into the matte box) Day for night, forced perspective etc.

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Tutor:  Donny Duncan

Donny Duncan has been in the film industry since the 1980’s working as an assistant and then cinematographer on a wide variety of projects, including feature films, short films, TV series, documentaries, music videos, corporate videos and TV commercials both in NZ and around the world.

Highlights of his career include shooting 5 seasons of Xena: Warrior Princess, 3 x children’s telemovies for the US Disney Channel, additional camera operator on “Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe”, DP on NZ feature films “Snakeskin” (2001), and recently “Kiwi Christmas”, (due to be released in November 2017). He has also recently lectured in cinematography for 2 years at Unitec in the Screen Arts, Bachelors Degree program.