Film Acting Workshop

Learn the 5 Arts of Film Acting

These courses focus on the Art of Relating, which trains actors to create believable characters and emotionally connected relationships on screen. Working in pairs with scripts, actors learn the Five Arts of Film Acting – The Art of Concentration, the Art of Not Knowing, the Art of Acceptance, the Art of Giving and Receiving and the Art of Relating, which maximises instinctive and creative choices and trains actors to bring their own personality to the screen.

This work will benefit actors wishing to reset or reinvigorate their acting muscles, remove blocks limiting creative choices and improve sight-reading skills. In this practical course scenes are filmed and played back in class.

When:  Saturday 23rd February to Sunday 24th February 2019  10am to 5pm

Where: The Jam Factory, Historic Village, 17th Ave West, Tauranga.

Tutor: Vicky Yiannoutsos

Cost: $320.00

More information and booking:   The Artery – Art Learning Space

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Film Acting Workshop with the lovely Vicky Yiannoutsos. Vicky is coming down from Auckland to share her extensive experience and skills with us. Vicky has run two acting studios in Grey Lynn, taught extensively within the film industry and coached some of our finest film actors like Sara Wiseman and Antony Starr..