Fermenting Vegetables

Veges preserved naturally

1:30pm-4pm Fermented veggies workshop $50 pp
Come and sample a range of healthy probiotic veggies preserved naturally via lacto-fermentation, and find out just how easy they are to make at home! We’ll be covering how to ferment a range of veggies and how to make vegan nut cheese, with practical learning exercises in the brewery and your own jar of lacto-veggies complete with state-of-the-art airlocks and weights to take home!

Also, on the mornings of the same day…

9am-1pm Fermented drinks workshop $50 pp
Come and sample a range of naturally brewed drinks made with live cultures and learn what they are, why we benefit from them how to make them. There’s hands-on learning with practical exercises in the brewery and you’ll get a culture of your choice to take home!



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Location: 10 Gunga Lane, Lower kaimai, Tauranga