Drawing Faces – mixed media portraiture with Ulemj

This portrait drawing course is suitable for beginners and those with some experience in drawing. In a relaxed supportive environment you will learn some simple skills capturing likeness and bringing the subject to life by the size, shape and placement of key features.   Ulemj will guide the most inexperienced to achieve amazing results.  She will help you find your creative vibe.   You’ll be rewarded with a great sense of achievement and have a great time connecting with others in our terrific Artery space.

When:Sunday 19th May and the 26th May 2019, 1pm to 4pm
The Artery, Historic Village, 17th Ave West, Tauranga.

Event link:   https://www.facebook.com/events/797813453921798/

More Information and Booking:

Art @ the Artery
The Incubator
Historic Village, 17th Ave, Tauranga
 07 571 3232
Email info@theincubator.co.nz
Web sitewww.theincubator.co.nz

Tutor: Ulemj Glamuzina

Email:  Ulemj : glamuzinart@gmail.com
Ulemj is a visual artist who was born in Mongolia. Since childhood, she has been drawn to people and been fascinated by different cultures. Through her travels, living in a number of different countries, she explored and connected with people through different languages and her art. She is particularly interested in digging below the surface and endeavors to capture the essence of people in her portrait drawings and paintings. Ulemj has experience in teaching secondary and tertiary levels.