DIY Stylist Workshops

Be Your Own Stylist!

At your place or mine, please allow 4 hours for this group workshop with individualised findings.

Relaxed and fun, an ideal way to learn, there’s time for understanding each topic.

Notes and swatches are provided, a step-by-step scarf styling demo (with opportunity to purchase) is included.

Please note a mid-session break is encouraged eg lunch, afternoon tea.

After a workshop, you’ll know your personal style; the colours that suit you, your style personality, your scale, your body shape and the design lines which will flatter you by highlighting your assets and camouflaging figure challenges. You’ll be able to plan an efficient wardrobe so you have something for every occasion, and prioritise any necessary additions.

Dates: bookings by arrangement

Times: daytime only, weekdays or weekends

Course Length: 4 hours plus mid-session break

Venue: your place or mine

Cost: $99 per person

What to bring: your friends: minimum of 4, maximum of 6 per group.

What will be provided: notes to personalise, pens and clipboard to use, tea/coffee if held at my home.

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Tutor : Margaret Stodart

Mobile: 021 234 8561

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About Margaret
Personal Style workshops began in September 2005 when friends asked me to teach them how to shop successfully.

Over the years I’d consulted several stylists but found much of their advice contradictory. Naturally analytical, I wanted to understand why something worked (or didn’t). I read and researched extensively to figure out my personal style. Soon every purchase was successful (one friend called me the opp. shop Queen); I had something for every occasion, new items went well with everything else in my wardrobe.

Knowing how I recognised mine means I can help others identify their personal style with a few simple questions, exercises and observations. I also demonstrate simple scarf ties – a versatile accessory.

(After a workshop I can support clients using their new skill eg reviewing their wardrobe, or accompanying them shopping).