Art & Craft of Screenwriting with Tim Balme

Tauranga Arts Festival

What is a screenplay? What does it look like and why does it look that way? Tim Balme will help distil the differences in disciplines between literature, theatre and screenwriting, as well as:

•  Writing for your audience – knowing who they are. How genre affects tone.
•  How to write what you see in your head in a form that is relatable, readable, compelling and televisual. How to format and why it’s important. Explaining the jargon.
•  What is directorial influence and how do cast, crew, directors, etc add value to your work?

Using Brokenwood and 800 Words as examples, workshop participants will see a short scene, discuss it, identify what was important and then read the published version of the scene in script form and compare what was seen with what was actually on the page.

Proudly sponsored by University of Waikato Tauranga.

Sat 26 Oct 2019 1:30pm- 4.30pm

University of Waikato, 101 Durham St, Tauranga

Cost:  $65 plus handling fee

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