Vision Board/Dream Board Workshop

The Secret to an Extraordinary Life

A new ONE DAY workshop is happening at the end of this month.
So that you can learn to use Creativity as part of your “real” life and make it meaningful! Start planning 2019 in a Fresh and Fun way!

Workshop for Multi-Passionate Women who want to have FUN when goal setting and planning.

You will learn:

  • What a Vision Board/Dream Board is and what it can do for you
  • Where and How to start collecting materials you need
  • Step by step creation of your individual and unique board
  • What’s Next – how to take the step one step further
  • Shift your Mindset and Open your mind to endless possibilities.

This is a fabulous full day experience.

We like to get right into it, bring your ideas, your dreams, your goals. Morning opening, all instructions and materials are provided.

10am -4pm with a bit of a break for drinks & nourishment – tea, coffee, light snacks provided.  Lunch not included

Date: Saturday 24th November
Time: 10am start – 4pm
Location: Young Art Studio
Investment: $150

Pre-Registration is required to reserve your spot.  50% deposit to be paid at registration.

Phone:  07 578 4648
Address: Historic Village, 155 17th Ave, Tauranga