Recognising Bird Calls with Paul Cummings

Guest Speaker Birds BOP

New Zealand birds are notoriously hard to see in the bush and even on open ground. This is why listening to birdsong is an important part of any bird study and also helps us to better enjoy the birds we hear around us.

Paul Cuming’s presentation at the next Birds BoP meeting is about recognising bird calls. Paul will cover the most commonly observed birds and will also answer your tricky questions. The outcome of the session will be that you will be more familiar with the birds and their calls in the habitats surrounding where you work or relax.

Paul has been a BirdsNZ member since 1986 and has been leading a study of petrels on Mauao. The project began in 1991 and has just finished.  He also has extensive experience of 5 minute bird counts throughout the Waikato and Bay of Plenty for the Department of Conservation and other agencies.

Come and join us for this talk.

When: At 7pm on Wednesday 8 August 2018.

Where: Meetings are held at the Tauranga Historical Society Hall, behind the Brain Watkins House, 233 Cameron Road, Tauranga. All are welcome.

Cost: A gold coin donation to cover costs is appreciated.

Birds BoP is the local branch of Birds New Zealand, the Ornithological Society of NZ. Birds New Zealand is about enjoying and studying birds. Birds BoP holds evening meetings, field trips, bird counts, etc., and welcomes new members and visitors. If you are interested in birds, come along to the meeting or, for more information, email