Plenty Permaculture

Permaculture Design Certificate

Plenty Permaculture offers the internationally recognised, 72 hour permaculture curriculum over 12 Saturdays. We’ve chosen a year long modular rather than the two-week intensive format to accommodate busy schedules, to spread the cost of the program over a 12 month period, and allow participants more time to both take in the material and to create their design projects.

New course starts 1st April 2017.

Go to for Certificate fee details.

Casual Participation: Participants not interested in earning a certificate are welcome to attend workshops of their choice at $120 per workshop, as space is available. If you attend casually and then choose to complete the certificate, an additional fee of $100 will be requested.

April 1

Foundations of Permaculture

This Module provides the foundation and framework for the remaining 11 workshops. We’ll flush out permacultures’ definitions, principles, ethics, get familiar with its origins and design process. We’ll look at how others have applied permaculture design solutions throughout the world.

April 22April 23

Learn how to apply the biointensive method in your own backyard – grow more nutrient dense, organic food than you ever thought possible.

April 29

The Permaculture Design Process

This the best design process we know to guide the design of a home, garden, lifestyle block, community or business. Today we introduce the design framework and design process Dan Palmer and his colleagues have been honing for the last decade.  It’s clear, coherent, memorable and we think provides a “critical missing” to most permaculture education and literature.