Making & Using Acrylic Skins

Mixed Media Painting

Acrylic skins can be used within a painting where a particular colour or different effect is needed. They are useful in collages or abstract works as a starting place to build from. Learn the tricks to making successful acrylic skins and their application. An assortment of ready-made skins will be provided, as will materials for making fresh skins and two small canvases to begin your skin work.

Tutor: Janice Giles – Janice has been making art most of her life and has experimented with acrylics and mixed media intensively over the past ten years. She has produced  three solo shows and participated in numerous group shows.

When:  Sunday  15th July  to 18th July 2018  1pm to 3pm
Where: The Artery, Historic Village, 17th Ave West, Tauranga.
Cost: $80

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