Mind Your Karma & Self Development Centre

June Workshops

Sound Journey & Didgeridoo Healing

Each sound journey meditation is unique & beneficial for your wellbeing, instruments such as the didgeridoo, native American flutes, heartbeat drum, Tibetan singing bowl & vocal mantras will be played throughout the room and at times over the body.
Tutors: Carlos Riegel & Alice Sea
Date & Time:  Sunday 17th June 6-8pm
Cost:  $35  Bookings are essential as we have limited spaces available
Please call Alice Sea on 027 675 8405 for all bookings and enquiries

Sacred Rose Women’s Circle

A women’s circle is a sacred space dedicated to the growth of feminine wisdom and personal feminine mystical experience, which we explore, remember and reclaim within sacred women’s circles called: “Sacred Rose Circles”. We work together to bring ancient women’s knowledge and mystical female pathways back to our modern world, empowering each woman’s voice.
Tutor: Kati
Date & Time: Monday 18th June, 6-8pm
Cost: Suggested contribution of $20 or by Koha.
Please RSVP through contact@kati-ludwig.com as the space is limited to a small group of women.

Stress Management & Burnout Prevention

At this experiential workshop, we practice being present and going inward to explore and acknowledge our (internal and external) stress triggers and thought patterns through mindfulness, reflection and body awareness. We will be focusing on helpful strategies how to manage stress more effectively so you can take this experience with you into your daily routine.
Tutor: Kati
Date & Time:  Saturday 23rd June, 10am -2pm
Cost: $85
Please sign up in advance through contact@kati-ludwig.com as the space is limited to a small group.

Venue for all workshops:
Mind Your Karma – Retreat & Self Development Centre,  390 Oceanbeach Road, Mt Maunganui