Innovative Lino Prints

Lino Relief Cut Printing

Explore the medium of Lino Relief Cut, Printing.

Jackie enjoys the ‘what if’ approach, trying different ways of using a lino block matrix to achieve results that can’t be planned.
It is an approach that anyone can try from beginners to those whose experience in lino printing is more traditional and who might want to achieve unplanned results; that will generate ideas for further prints. It is the experimental approach to combining different print methods within a single image.

When:  Monday 3rd September to 24th September 6pm to 9pm. The course runs over 4 weeks.

Where: The Artery, Historic Village, 17th Ave West, Tauranga.

Cost: $130

More information and booking: The Artery – Art Learning Space

Event link:

Tutor: Jackie Knotts has a Post Grad in Advanced Print Making from London.  Her work was recently accepted for The Tauranga Art Gallery, Miles Award and Exhibition. She has just begun again to explore lino block printing after many years of etching. Unlike etching relief prints can be produced at home relatively cheaply and without the need for a printing press.
Check out her artwork and drop by to see her at the new art gallery and retail space -Imprint Gallery – at the Historic Village.

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