Optimal Emotional Freedom

Heal the body by healing the mind.
One natural remedy for everything.
Astonishing results. Wayne Dyer:
“Suspend your skepticism. This really works.”

Healing the body by healing the mind.

We tend to think of healing in terms of the body.  That is, we think healing occurs when tumors subside, headaches vanish, pains fade, vision improves and so on.  Accordingly, we spend vast amounts of money for pharmaceuticals, hospitals, surgeries and radiation, all of which are aimed at improving the health of the body.

And none of this actually cures anything.

Sure, we may get welcome bodily relief along the way and that may seem to be a cure.  However, until we recognize who we really are, there will always be another ailment that waits around the corner to replace the one that just subsided.  This endless cycle of temporary “cures” repeats itself over time as our bodies age, organs diminish and we appear to eventually die.

Where: The Backbenches Room Grindz Cafe 50 First Avenue
Sundays.12:30 Coffee + chat.1:00-2:30 Practice Optimal EFT
Tutor: Samuel Hartman
Fee: Entry by Koha.
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