Exploring The Abstract With Oils

with Kristian Lomath

When:  Thursday  9th August  to 6th September 2018  6.30pm to 8.30pm

Where: The Artery, Historic Village, 17th Ave West, Tauranga.

Immerse yourself in the language and history of art with Kristian and his  invited guest artists talking about their work. . . Hands on practical approach to painting in the abstract with oils. Demystify abstract art with an award winning artist and as a added bonus he will teach you how to stretch your own canvas to keep. Basic Kit Supplied

More information and booking:   The Artery – Art Learning Space  https://www.theincubator.co.nz/the-artery

Event link:   https://www.facebook.com/events/407479909730545/

Tutor:  Kristian Lomath
A full time artist for the last 16 years, Kris’s work developed from landscapes portraying the land he saw in front of him to the more abstract paintings he creates today. Kristian a community gallery in Rotorua for over 6 years, supporting people in the community to develop and exhibit their art. Kristian studied art the Ilam School of Fine Arts.