Expanding Mangroves – Burden or Blessing ?

Cafe Scientifique Tauranga Presentation

Mānawa/Mangroves have a rather bad reputation in our region, they’re the trees that swamp the harbours and  invade backyards of waterfront properties. However, there is much more to proliferating mangroves than just these negative side effects. Natural expansion of mangroves here provides a unique opportunity to study the dynamics of expanding mangrove systems as, in contrast to the NZ situation, mangroves are in rapid decline worldwide.

In this talk Erik will address
*  the history of and the reasons for mangrove expansion within New Zealand. Why are mangroves spreading like a pest, as opposed to their decline in other places around the world?
*  the services provided by mangrove ecosystems including those related to the interactions of mangroves with their physical environment.
*  the observational evidence for these bio-physical interactions in our mangroves.
*  how the current practices of mangrove management in New Zealand interfere with these dynamics and whether we are solving or creating a problem by trying to get rid of the mangroves.

Presentation by Dr. Erik M. Horstman, University of Waikato Coastal Marine Group

Date:  Monday 18th June 2018

Time: Doors open at 6:30pm for a 7 pm start

Venue:  Tauranga Yacht & Power Boat Club, 90 Keith Allen Drive, Tauranga

Cost: $5 door fee covers venue hire

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