Butlers Circus Warehouse

The circus you don’t have to run away to join

Boat Safety Workshops

for Safer Boating Week and beyond

Metal Detecting Club

Bolivia & 500 Cards

Newcomers welcome.

Model Aircraft Club

Tauranga Magic Club

Learn Tarot

Juggling Nights

Could Throwing and Catching be Your Thing ?

Challenge of Chess

… for the whole family …

Kite Making

Taoist Tai Chi Society – Bay of Plenty

We teach Taoist Tai Chi™ arts: a moving meditation – build your strength, flexibility and stillness.

Cards 500

At the Mount

Radio Controlled Model Yachts

Radio controlled sailing for fun

Tauranga Radio Sailing Club

Come down and have a go …

Tauranga Indoor Radio Control Car Club

Meet the challenge of racing radio controlled cars

Tauranga Model Railway Club

Games of Crib

Like to learn how to play crib ?

Bridge Clubs

Lessons for Beginners