Young at Art Studio Classes

Release Your Inner Beast

Welcome Bay Painters Group

Stone Sculpture for Beginners

Create and design a 3D sculpture

Exploring the Creative Flow

Te Waananga o Aotearoa

a voyage that inspires education and lifelong learning experiences

Art Studios @ the Tauranga Art Gallery

… for adults and families …

Inklings Art – Private Tutoring

Every artist was first an amateur. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Inklings Art & Anime Classes

Enter a Beginner, exit a Winner !

Pottery Lessons

Bethlehem Pottery Club, where potters create!

Words and Pictures

TAG art studio for adults

Drawing with Nick Eggleston

Techniques for absolute beginners and for advancing learners

Watercolours with Nick Eggleston

Art Classes at the Artery

Bethlehem Pottery Club

Members meet formally on Tuesday’s and Thursdays and informally on Wednesdays and Fridays; if the “open flag” is out, come on in, pick up a brochure and ask about becoming a member. If you are a novice, we can help.

Selena Ceramics and Pottery

Liz will teach you from scratch or help those with some knowledge to reach their full potential.

Porcelain Painting

This group meets on Thursday mornings.

Starting with plain white china and painting designs on it. The possibilities are endless. The china is then fired in a kiln and this takes the paint into the glaze on the china where it becomes permanent.

For more info contact:

Ailsa Ph 574 1713  Email:

Lorna Ph 576 2373

The Artery Adult Art


Discover the different scripts

Tauranga Society of Artists

Regular meetings for like-minded people