Beginner Yoga Course every Monday in January

Make a New Year Commitment

A great way to kick start your year in a truly connected way.

Yoga is Connection. Everything you fear or are struggling with in your life can be eased with connection and the awakening that you were never disconnected. Connect to your body, your heart, your Soul and see how your relationships shift. The relationship you have with yourself, directly represents your relationship with every living part of the planet.

In this course I will help you take time out for yourself, relieve stress, build strength & co-ordination, connect breath with movement & cultivate awareness. I’ll gently guide you safely through Yogic breathing, postures & mindfulness.

Every Mon of January, start each week of this busy time coming home to yourself. On completion of the course, you can continue your practice feeling confident in a Yoga class situation.
Gentle Yoga classes run every Mon & Wed 5:30-6:30pm @ Soma studios.

When: Mondays from 5.30pm – 6.30pm
Where: Soma Studios, 586 E Cameron Rd, Tauranga
Duration: 4 weeks
Start Date: Monday 7th January
Cost: Special Investment Only $50 for the 4 classes.

Limited spaces, please contact me Yogini Priya, to book your spot and to answer any concerns you may have.
Blessings ♥

Phone: 22 395 4004

Yogini Priya is a 430hr RYT Yoga Teacher from Western Australia. Priya has studied Vinyasa Yoga @ Intuitive Flow Sanctuary for Yoga & Healing, Yin Yoga with Jo Phee & more recently Hatha Yoga @ The Practice Bali.

Priya is a believer of embodying kindness, honoring the rhythms & seasons of our being, listening to the voice of the heart & transforming the inner world through presence & acceptance. As we integrate the mind, body & Spirit settling into pure awareness, this Alchemy expands outward, creating a world based in LOVE – our essential nature.

Priya is inspired by connection! Connection to the Earth & the Body. Connection to the Heart & all sentient beings. Connection to Spirit & the Universe. Her Vision is to empower others to connect to their own innate Divinity & ability to thrive. Priya shares mindful Vinyasa, grounding Hatha, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra & Meditation. ♥