Battle of Te Ranga Free Lecture

by Ngai Tamarawaho Historian Des Tata

On Wednesday, June 21, it will be 153 years since the Battle of Te Ranga. Ngai Tamarawaho historian Des Tata will be marking the occasion with a free public lecture at Tauranga City Library.

Gate Pa is perhaps the most famous of the NZ Wars to take place in Tauranga, but the lesser known Battle of Te Ranga arguably had even more impact on the district’s history.  Des says there are many differences between Gate Pa and Te Ranga which he will discuss further at the lecture.

This is an opportunity for locals and newcomers to find out more.

The free lecture is at:

Time: 5.30 pm
Date: June 21st
Venue: Tauranga City Library

Bookings are essential so call 07 577 7177 to reserve your place.